The FLUSH command causes TCP/IP for VSE to flush all data and terminate all connections with the specified IP address.

FLUSH ipaddr [,port]

Positional value - An IP address (more)

The network (IP) address to be flushed.

Positional value - A TCP/IP port number (more)

If specified, the remote port number restricts the operation of the FLUSH command to connections and data related to the port. If no port number is specified, all connections and data associated with the IP address are flushed.

F8 043 IPN300I Enter TCP/IP Command
43 flush
F8 043 IPN500I All TCP/IP processing stopped
F8 043 IPN357I Traffic has been flushed for IP: Port: 0
F8 043 IPN499I TCP/IP processing started
F8 043 IPN300I Enter TCP/IP Command

Note that the FLUSH command is useful in terminating orphaned TN3270 sessions. It can also be used to clean up FTP sessions that are hung.